Kook Jin Nim speaks:


Hello brothers and sisters. How are you today? Today it’s going to be easy for me; I get to speak English. About a year ago, our True Parents asked me to go to Japan and manage the situation there. At that time it was a very difficult time, because the police were conducting quite an extensive investigation of our church. They actually have had nearly 10,000 law enforcement officers investigating our church. They were conducting arrests of our church members and they were raiding our churches- not just one or two places, but many, many. And during this time Father asked me to go and take a look at the situation, and manage the problem there. So, given that mission, I went to go do my job, and went to go look at the situation in Japan.


At that time, the government as well as our enemies, the Communists and the Christian ministers…. Of course, Christian ministers dislike our church very much, because they believe that we are heretics, and as you know, Christianity has a long history of exterminating heretics, from the time of the original division in the theology in the Arian debate. The Arians believed that Jesus Christ was a man and not a God; from then, they pretty much killed those Arians because they disagreed, they were preaching heresy. And of course you know about the Inquisition. And you know that during the Holocaust in Germany, the Catholic Church stayed pretty quiet, as millions of people were being exterminated. So we understand that in the history of Christianity there is this tendency to become very extreme and persecute “heretical organizations”.


And in Japan the Christian ministers have proclaimed us to be heretics. As a result they have been very extreme and tried to persecute our church, including lobbying to the government.


The Communists also in Japan have for a long time been our enemies, because we, very successful through our VOC movement, resisted the Communist infiltration of Japanese society, and succeeded in preventing many of their leaders from being elected into the Diet and Parliament. As a result, the Communist Party declared that they are going to make it their mission to destroy the Unification Church.


Now it is these two groups who manufactured the term “spiritual sales” and by manufacturing that term they lobbied with the government to claim that we are engaged in spiritual sales, and that we are engaged in fraudulent activities. And they use those accusations to get the government to persecute us.


Now, while these are somewhat serious charges, as commercial violation of law is an illegal violation, if it is true; but we can get back to that later. I had a chance to take a look at the situation in Japan. And what I have seen, after visiting over 70 churches, and I’ve talked to the brothers and sisters who have donated large amounts of money. In Japan if you go to any church you will find brothers and sisters who donated one million dollars, two million dollars, three million dollars, eight million dollars, ten million dollars. There is even a sister who donated one hundred million dollars. And I have met all these people because I have been out in the field on the front line, talking with our brothers and sisters. And then I asked them, “What moves you to donate so much money?” And you will see that in so many cases, our brothers and sisters will tell you that their ancestors came to them and told them to do it.


Our church in Japan is an extremely spiritual church, with a very high level of spirituality. Our brothers and sisters live the word, they live their faith, they breathe their faith and the spirit world lives together with them. It is not something which they conceptualize, like many of our brothers and sisters in the West, or even here in Korea. It is something that they see and feel every day, because they see the miracles and spirit world working through them and with them in all their activities. So if you meet the brothers and sisters in Japan, you’ve met Japanese brothers and sisters, have you found one that is dishonest? No! They are all extremely pure people; they are great brothers and sisters, as honest as you can get. They are unselfish and completely dedicated to God. That’s the reality.


I don’t know how much you know about Communists. One thing that the Communists believe is that God does not exist. And so, since they believe that God does not exist, they believe that spirit world does not exist. So if we have church members who are donating because the spirit world told them to do it, we must be a fraudulent organization. The Unification Church must be committing fraud. That is the basis of their logic. It is ridiculous, it is stupid! The government is a farce! And let me tell you why I think and know that the Japanese government’s persecution and accusations against the Unification Church is a farce. Look at what they have done to the Unification Church members.


Let me ask you a question. Kidnapping…is this a crime? Which crime is more serious: commercial violation of law, or kidnapping? Let me ask you this. Murder…is murder a crime? Which is more serious: commercial violation of law or murder? Rape…is rape a crime? Which is a more serious crime: commercial violation of law or rape? Let me ask you one question. Why in the world, is the government spending 10,000 officers, billions of dollars to investigate our church, and the only thing they can come up with is “commercial violation of law”, when they are refusing to investigate a kidnapping business which has kidnapped and tortured over 4,000 of its own citizens?


Would you like to answer that for me? What plausible answer is there to that question? It is plain and simple. The government policy of Japan is to persecute the Unification Church. That is their policy. That is why they are spending ridiculous amounts of Japanese taxpayers’ money to investigate us, while they do not take seriously any of these charges of kidnapping, for which we have tremendous amounts of evidence. You know Mr. Goto, he was in prison. He was kidnapped and incarcerated illegally for twelve and a half years. You saw his picture when he finally got out. He looked like a Holocaust victim. Did you know that he filed a criminal lawsuit against his kidnappers? Do you know what the prosecution did? They declined to prosecute. They declined to prosecute! They said there was insufficient evidence of a crime. Is this justice? This is the reality of what our church faces in Japan. We are under systematic persecution by the government, in conjunction with the Communist attorneys, and with the Christian ministers.


You know, one of the Christian ministers who is conducting these kidnappings, over 50% of his congregation are our church members whom he kidnapped and forced to join his church. And you know what? He is making them donate a lot of money to him. And you know what else? Do you know how much money the Christian ministers and the Communist attorneys get paid to kidnap one of our brothers or sisters? Per kidnapping they get between $30,000 and $100,000. And if you don’t have $30,000 or $100,000 they won’t kidnap for you. And then, do you know what the Communist attorneys do? Once they kidnap the person and they force them to leave the church, they make that person sue the church for the donations which he or she made; and then they get 30%.


This is a business. This is a kidnapping business. This is a trade in human misery. This is what is happening. These are the lies that are being spewed from those organizations. This is the bull crap, I am sorry to use that word, which is on the internet; and it is a pack of lies. And the accusations of the government are a farce. We are being persecuted in Japan. That’s the reality. My proof is all those victims. We have collected over 300 legal affidavits in Korea from the victims. In Japan we have already collected 60. We have over 350 in process. That is only a start. We have over 4,300 victims. These are legal affidavits. They are usable in court. We filed about nine of the cases that we had at the time to the U.N. Human Rights’ Commission. Upon receiving those cases and those documents and interviewing those victims, the U.N. Human Rights’ Commission accepted this issue as an issue of human rights’ violation. And that was just nine cases.


Now my sister has been working tirelessly in the US, meeting congressmen and explaining to them this issue of kidnapping. She has currently met over 30 Congressmen in the U.S. Congress. She met all of the congressmen in the Human Rights’ Committee, and we feel very confidently that we are getting very close to getting a congressional hearing on this issue. It is a very real possibility. As you have seen, the press has reported on this issue. We’ve shown them the documents; they’ve talked to the victims. They know it is real. We will send all of this documentation and all of this material to all the international media…CNN, the BBC, CBS, NBC, all the international media.


Brothers and sisters, we are being persecuted because of our faith and you have brothers and sisters who are dying, who are being tortured, who are being raped because of their faith. They are living their commitment. They are living their faith on a day to day basis; not talking about their faith, living it. They are really sacrificing their lives for the whole world. These are your brothers and sisters. These are really the saints and martyrs of our church. These are people we really need to embrace and uplift. They are our heroes. They really set the standard of how we should seek to live our lives, the standard of faith we should have to bring our faith to the entire world, because what we have been taught is truly, truly great. There really is no better understanding of God than the one which is taught through the Principle. None!


I know you have heard this before, but let me just say it again. Christianity is a very wonderful faith and a wonderful religion, and Jesus Christ brought a great deal of enlightenment to the world, but he died on the cross, and because he died on the cross, the faith and the theology is very incomplete. In many ways it is kind of irrational, if you really get into the workings of the theology and the practice of Christianity even in the major churches such as the Catholic Church.


The fundamental problem comes from the understanding of Christ and his role and what his relationship with God is. In Christian theology, basically, you have the concept of the Trinity. I don’t know how many of you understand Christianity? Do you know the concept of the Trinity? Three is One, and One is Three, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? So you have one God, but there are three Gods, and three Gods but it is one God.


So the Muslims say, “Okay, Christians, you say that you are monotheistic and you believe in God, but what is it? You believe in three gods or in one?” That is the criticism they make of Christianity. Christianity didn’t like that so much so they said, “We’re monotheistic and we don’t like your criticism, so we’re going to kill you!” and they did. They went to the Crusades. That’s the reality, right? You can’t rewrite history. So that’s one contradiction.


The other contradiction is, when you study Christianity, what do they teach you about God’s divinity? Christianity teaches you that the divinity of God cannot be known. This is one of the fundamental pillars of Christian theology. Because man is so small, and so finite, and so much of the world, it is impossible for such a creature to understand the omnipotence, and the infinite nature, and the eternal nature of God the Creator. But then again, Jesus Christ said, “God is my Father,” and we are supposed to love Him, and we are supposed to try to emulate Him. But if I can never know Him, how can I love Him and emulate Him? I mean, this could drive me nuts!


This is the nature of Christian theology if you really study it. That’s why when people really study Christian theology, once they go from being a lay person to being a Christian theologian, a professional; many people go agnostic, because it doesn’t make sense. Come on! Do you want to get into the nuances of theology? Why do we look at Christian theology? Do you want to nitpick about that?


I think our theology is quite a bit more rational than that. We come very clearly; we explain what the purpose of man and woman is, the four position foundation, the role of the True Parents, and changing the lineage. We explain very clearly what it is they want us to do. They want us to inherit God’s divinity, and what is God’s divinity? It is true love. It is a love which can bring even Satan to voluntary surrender.


This theology that we have, this truth, this is the ultimate truth. It really completes what Jesus Christ started, the process of salvation. It substantiates it. This is the truth that we have from our True Parents. And it is because we have this ultimate truth, the truth from God, the truth that Satan the Devil has tried to keep from all of humanity. This is why we are being persecuted. This is why we are being defamed! It is the work of the Devil! There is evil in the world, and the evil is doing everything it can to prevent God’s word and God’s truth from being revealed to all the people of the world. This is the reality, brothers and sisters. This is the reality; we are being persecuted. We are at war with the Devil!


This is why we need your support. We really need you to understand the issues at play today, the real issues, not the issues which the people who are defaming us are saying, because they are a bunch of liars. It’s crap! The real issues, the real truth! Look at the real evidence, look at the evidence of these 4,300 victims who have been tortured, molested, killed, raped, without any justice! Then ask yourself, “What do you believe?” And if you believe what I am saying, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit back and let them do this? No. You should help. You should protest this evil. You should profess your faith. You should educate all the people in the world, reveal the truth, declare our True Parents, and restore this world. Thank you very much.



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